about us

Our team of artists, technology gurus, and sales staff have successfully collaborated with art directors and marketing teams for decades to create images that make their products look top notch.

Bernie Potochnik (Vice President - Sales Manager) & Mark DeDona (Vice President - Head Artist)

LaDriere has been a creative force in the automotive industry since 1926. The beautifully illustrated cars of the 20's, 30's and 40's gave way to the future of photography. LaDriere was the first and foremost studio to embrace and create photographic retouching. We set the standard for retouching and our abilities to enhance reflective surfaces are well known across the country. As the industry went digital, we were one of the first to embrace computers and transfer our rich knowledge and disciplines to the new world of the digital arts.Using our vast experience with photorealism and exceptional artistry, we have been focusing on creating media content that can be used in print, web, interactive and animation. We believe that great marketing ideas and creative digital design can work across the expanding world of new media.